Adrenalyn XL Liga Santander 2020-21

Experience the magic of Spanish football with Panini Adrenalyn XL Liga Santander 2020/21. Each card is a window into the excitement and excellence of the game. Complete your collection with our exclusive offer. Buy now and enjoy the standout cards of the season, capturing the unique essence of La Liga Santander!

The Adrenalyn LaLiga Santander 2021/22 collection features 471 cards with a unique design. It introduces new series such as Titan, Gol Factor, and Super Cracks Plus, along with the standout Balón de Oro Excellence card. The basic series has 17 cards per team, with distinctive backgrounds and logos. Special series include Shield, Idol, Golden Gloves, Titan, Diamond, Gol Factor, Super Heroes, Super Cracks, Super Cracks Plus, Balón de Oro, and Balón de Oro Excellence, each with unique features and effects. The Balón de Oro Excellence card highlights Messi with a special value of 101 points in control and attack, paying tribute to his last season in La Liga.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 596 items