Liga Este 2021-22

Explore the excitement of the Liga Este 2021-22 through our exclusive trading card selection. Each card is a window into the passion of Spanish football. Avoid fouls and complete your list with our exclusive offer. Buy now and experience the intensity of the Spanish competition! Panini celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Liga ESTE collection with a special edition. The album features shields from LaLiga Santander and player photos.

The collection includes Rookie Impact and ADN LaLiga cards. The Tin Box contains 75 cards, 28 exclusive covers from ESTE Editions since 1972-73, and 3 signed Rookie Impact cards. Inspired by Calciatori 2020-2021, there are 9 "La Isla del Tesoro" cards and 6 Liga records, paying tribute to legends like Gento and Joaquín. The album concludes with team shields that have appeared in the 50 ESTE Editions collections. Collect now and celebrate this special milestone!/p>

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Showing 1 - 12 of 594 items