Liga Este 2022-23

Experience the excitement of Liga Este 2022-23 with Panini. Complete your Liga Este 2022-23 album, discover the latest stickers, and carry the passion of this competition with you. Collect unique moments in Liga Este!

The collection features a return to white borders after commemorating the 50th anniversary of Liga Este. The classic design stands out with the posed image on the left, the action shot on the right, the LaLiga logo, and the club's crest. Player information is located below the posed photo. Additionally, there are stickers of crests, coaches with a silver background, an ADN LaLiga - Hombres Gol series with 28 stickers, and a Honor Roll 2021-22 with highlights of the season and photos of teams participating in European competitions.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 573 items