Match Attax Extra 2021-22

Explore the additional excitement of football with Topps Match Attax Extra 2021-22. Each Champions League card is a unique piece highlighting the most intense moments of the season. Check our checklist and complete your collection.

Match Attax EXTRA 2021 features an exciting collection of 299 cards, distributed to provide a unique experience. The base of 176 Basic cards includes innovative categories such as 64 Squad Update, 24 Managers, 24 Away Kits, 22 Starburst, 22 Shirt Service, 8 Position Switch, and 12 Action Highlights. Adding a touch of glow, the 32 Neon cards are divided into 16 Mega Value and 16 Out of this World, while the 32 Special Rainbow cards encompass Stars of 2021, Hat-Trick Heroes, Signature Style, and 3 Competition Finals.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 223 items