Megacracks 2013-14

Panini Megacracks 2013-14 collection features a significant revamp in its 504 cards, providing detailed information about the players. Each player card on the front includes a full photo and the specific position on the field, while the back features an enlarged facial photo, personal details, professional career statistics, national team participation, and technical details. The collection consists of 360 basic cards, 54 Megaheroes, 9 Megapromesas, 22 with shields of Second Division teams, and 68 new signings. Each First Division team has 18 cards, including a special one with the shield in gold and team statistics on the back.

Megaheroes cards highlight the top players with striking photos and fan quotes on the back. The Megapromesas cards are for young players with potential, and the new signings cards feature the recent additions to the teams. Limited Edition cards, such as Neymar or Isco, come with launch packs, which include the binder and additional envelopes. The Megacracks 2013/14 collection offers a diverse range of options for fans and collectors, including the Megaheroes and Megapromesas series, as well as the representation of teams from Liga BBVA and Second Division.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 509 items