Megacracks 2019-20

Megacracks 2019-20 from Panini is the ultimate collection for true football enthusiasts. With exclusive stickers featuring your favorite players and teams, this collection provides a unique experience. Explore our detailed checklist to discover each available card. From football icons to emerging talents, each sticker tells a unique story. Looking to complete your collection? Uncover exclusive online deals and get closer to having the complete set. Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Megacracks 2019-20 and experience the thrill of football through each unique sticker.

Panini Megacracks 19-20 is the most comprehensive trading card collection of the Spanish football league. In Megacracks 2019-20 stickers, you'll find all the details about each player, accompanied by a brief comment to understand how they perform on the field. Megacracks 2019-2020 comprises a total of 486 trading cards covering the 20 teams of the 1st Division, with 18 cards for each team. We highlight two new series: Megacracks Élite and Megacracks Futuro. To complete your collection, don't forget the exclusive Limited Edition stickers from the Megafichajes Series.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 464 items