Uefa Euro 2020 Preview Stickers

Explore Panini Uefa Euro 2020 Preview Stickers, the excitement of UEFA Euro 2020 with Panini's sticker collection. This exclusive preview offers a glimpse of the stickers that capture the essence of the tournament. From established stars to emerging talents, buy online and secure your exclusive UEFA Euro 2020 stickers.

Panini released a sticker collection for Euro 2020, postponed due to the pandemic. The album contained 568 stickers, alphanumeric numbered and organized by national teams. There was a version with orange packs that reduced the number to 528 stickers. Each national team received 28 stickers, including logos, mascots, and introductory elements, with categories like Logo, Lineup, Celebration, a special captain's sticker, and 22 player stickers.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 515 items